200 Hour Teacher Training Program

The 200 Hour program is designed for serious students of yoga who want to deepen their practice as well as for those students who wish to become teachers themselves. Topics include proper alignment, hands on assisting, creative and smart sequencing, philosophy, Sanskrit, anatomy, prenatal yoga and restorative yoga.  Our faculty consists of renowned scholars, yoga teachers, meditation teachers and anatomy experts. 

Main Faculty: Lesley Desaulniers
Guest Faculty: Sharon Salzberg, Edwin Bryant, Alison Smith, Bex Urban, Mirabai Warkulwiz, Ramana Erikson & Devadas Labreque

This program is a Yoga Alliance accredited course. After completion of this training, trainees will be able able to register with YA as RYT 200. (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hr)

“Teacher training with Lesley was truly a gift. I went into her training so nervous and with only a basic understanding of what a yoga class should look like and what a yoga teacher should do. I came out of her training confident in my own unique voice as a teacher. Most importantly, my own understanding of what yoga looks like off the mat radically transformed.
— Issa Freccero


A typical day in Lesley D Yoga teacher training:

Morning Sadhana:
Asana and Meditation 

Afternoon Workshops:
Pose Breakdown, Anatomy, Sequencing, Hands-on-Adjustments, Practice Teach, Philosophy

Early Evenings:
Restoratives, Guest lectures, Kirtan

“This training was an amazing experience from the moment we introduced ourselves to our final graduation. Lesley D is truly a master of her field and shared her authentic love for Yoga in every element of our training. I feel prepared to teach a class and have a deeper personal practice that has changed me forever.”

— Jessica Hunt
“With many years of teaching Fitness and not a deep Yoga background, Lesley introduced me to a professional and loving experience teaching Yoga...and living Yoga! I feel comfortable taking risks in a safe nurturing space. Lesley connects with us on a personal level helping us all reach our optimal potential.
— Robyn Cohen

Advanced Training

Advanced Training programs are designed to bring your teaching to a deeper and more refined level.


300 Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program

This powerful and unique 300 hour advanced training will inspire and enrich your yoga teaching and your life!  


In this course you will:

  • Advance and refine your understanding of the fundamentals of asana. You will build upon what you learned in your 200 hour program in the following areas: Standing Poses, Inversions, Forwards Bends, Arm Balances, Twists, Backbends and Advanced Asana. You will learn to master hands on adjustments, modifications and variations for each asana.  ( 70 hrs)


  • Deepen your teaching skills by learning how to work with beginners, lead private lessons, injury management, advanced sequencing and anatomy, prenatal yoga guidelines and receive guidance on the business of yoga. (50 hrs)


  • Practicum: Receive direct feedback and advance your teaching skills by weekly practice teaching & sequence creation. Observe others teaching and give feedback. 'In class privates': assisting students while someone else is teaching every week. Personal guidance from Lesley Desaulniers will help you find your authentic voice and learn to bring your own inner wisdom and life experience to your teaching. (120 hrs) 


  • Deepen your meditation practice and learn to lead meditation (25 hrs) 


  • Explore the magic of Sanskrit and yoga philosophy teachings in a full Yoga Sutras Immersion (20 hrs) and Intro to Sanskrit Immersion (15hrs) 

This course is led by Lesley Desaulniers with guest faculty Alison Smith, Mirabai and Ramana Erikson

“I participate in every training of Lesley’s that I possibly can, most recently her Advanced Immersion. Her training is the perfect blend of practical teaching tools and exploration of yoga beyond the physical practice. Learning from her has added depth and confidence to my teaching while keeping me constantly curious about my own practice and how I can continue to grow as a teacher. Lesley’s teaching has been such a gift in my life, not only making me a better teacher but a more joyful, inspired person.
— Tara Hayes

“Every training class is like her regular yoga class – full, complete, thoughtful, straightforward, challenging and you cannot believe it’s over when feel like it just got started. Absolutely no fluff, put on your big boy pants and be ready to go, because you’re about to learn something.
— Steven Anton