Back To The Source

We experience yoga philosophy on a cellular level through the practice of asana. Yoga teaches us that we all come from the same original source. Although we appear in many different forms, with different qualities, we carry the seed of this common origin within us. If we can tap into this, we can feel and experience our commonality, connecting us with all forms of life. The various shapes and poses that we move through in asana practice embody this teaching. While things may appear different on the surface, at the core they are essentially the same. What the yogi looks for in practice, as s/he move from asana to asana, is what has stayed the same. What is changeless within these changeable forms?

Of course the real benefits of yoga practice don’t show up on our yoga mats. The deepest benefits of yoga show up in our everyday lives. Falls happen. Difficulties arise. The reality of the Constant Law of Change is all around us. By embodying practices that tap us into the Changeless Reality, we can navigate the world of form with greater wisdom and wider perspective.

In one conscious breath, we can go back to the source.

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Lesley Desaulniers