Your Life is Beautiful

This past weekend I sat on an incredible meditation retreat.

On Saturday the teacher spoke about awareness. He read this poem by Amy Schmidt:


It’s impossible to be lonely

when you’re zesting an orange.

Scrape the soft rind once

and the whole room

fills with fruit.

Look around: you have

more than enough.

Always have.

You just didn’t notice

until now.

As I sat listening to the poem, I started to smile. I began remembering a night a couple weeks back in Oakland at a Snoop Dog show with my husband. It was around 1am, about three hours into the show. The place was packed and so full of life. At one point Snoop looked at the audience of thousands and jokingly, with what I think is great wisdom, said to the crowd,’ Bitch, your life is beautiful! Quit your whining!’ The entire Oracle arena exploded in cheers. Everyone got on their feet and started to dance. Everyone there was calling out & smiling. He had freed us. He gave us the keys to gate of joy. He gave us presence. No past going over and over things that were gone and done long ago. No future wasting time creating stories and worries. Presence tells us one thing clearly: Bitch, your life is beautiful! ✨

On Sunday during a period of walking meditation, I noticed the colors and sounds that surrounded me as I walked. On each inhale I was silently repeating to myself ‘in’ and on each exhale silently repeating to myself ‘out’. As I walked for a while the mantra started to change. On each inhale, as I looked at the flowers and bees the mantra tranformed into ‘bitch…’ on the inhale and ‘your life is BEAUTIFUL’ on the exhale. I repeated that as I walked, over and over again. I liked the tiny delight of knowing that my mantra may be considered less than holy. I relished in how true and holy it felt to me. I stayed w it for a while, and then it eventually changed back to in.. out... The lines between the words blurred a bit - both felt spacious and connected. The essence was the same. The longing, seeking and realization were the same. Through awareness we taste the sweetness of presence. The orange zest, the music, dancing and meditation all teach us the same thing: This moment is all there is. Beautiful. ❤️

Lesley Desaulniers