Back To School!

The kids are back in school and Mama Lesley is back in action!

Joseph Goldstein recently shared a beautiful quote from the French activist and mystic Simone Weil. Weil said, 'What people are looking for is not wrong, but they are looking in the wrong places for it.' In yoga practice and in life, seeking happiness is not wrong. We are just looking for happiness in the wrong places. We go outside of ourselves. We seek more stuff. More money. A bigger house. A better job. More praise. We can try to change others and control our surroundings in a search for what will give us the big happy and set us free. The teachings of yoga flip that perspective and reveal that what we are seeking will not be found in the external world. It only arises from within.

In class today we explored some foundational teachings as we sweat out our summers together. I read a quote Rene Daumal's book Mount Analouge. The book is an allegorical description of the spiritual path using the metaphor of climbing a mountain. He has some good advice about how to undertake the journey. “Keep your eye fixed on the way to the top, but don't forget to look right in front of you. The last step depends on the first. Don't think you're there just because you see the summit. Watch your footing, be sure of the next step, but don't let that distract you from the highest goal. The first step depends on the last.”

I love that last bit. The last step depends on the first. You have to take the first steps but the first step also depends on the last. I think back to school time, new beginnings, is a good time to reflect on where we are going with the practice. As we begin to really dive deeply into the yoga practice, it can be useful to reflect about the end of the path. Because these beginning steps depend on our understanding of the what the last step is. It's helpful to have a view of the direction we are going in.

This will be the work of the next few weeks of classes. We'll be talking attachments, aversions, happiness, craving and all kinds of stuff. Going back to the source and digging in. Refocusing and getting clear. So nice to be back in the swing of things!

In honor of getting back in action,I am throwing a bit of a Back to School Party for you guys. I will be posting lots of new dharma teachings and class recordings. Keep checking my website blog page.

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This offer ends Monday. In other words, if you're tempted, now's the time to jump.

Lesley Desaulniers